Department of Karmik & Adhyatmik (Chos-rig) Affairs (DoKAA) Chairman Jambey Wandi & Secretary Sonam Chombay attended the 80th mega birthday celebrations of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. , Visiting various monasteries in and around Dharmshala, Jambey convened a meeting with the monpa students of Tawang & West Kameng districts there.

During the meeting, Chairman & Secy, DoKAA, emphasized on the importance of Bhoti Language and exhorted the students to study hard & the make the optimum of this splendid opportunity in order to preserve and promote ones rich and varied culture, religion and the numerous traditional knowledge imparted to them as well as share the same with the future generations.

Further, he elaborated on the essential formalities that a student ought to follow in order to obtain scholarship from the Deptt., such as submission
of required documents like ST Certificate, Bank A/C details etc.

The Hon’ble Chairman Shri Jambey Wangdi also visited the traditional study centers of the South, namely, Sera Drepung Gaden, Namdroling etc previously, and has plans to visit the study centres of the monks & nuns in Dehradun in the near future.