List Of Ongoing Schemes Under The Department Of Karmik & Adhyatmik (Chos-Rig) Affairs

  1. Organizing of Training on Bhoti Language in Tawang & West Kameng Districts.
  2. Organizing of Seminar, Workshop, Conference etc in Tawang & West Kameng District.
  3. Preservation of Guru Shishya Parampara “Rig Nes Nga” (Panch Maha-vidya/five major fields of study).
  4. Scholarship & Fellowship for Buddhist Philosophy Students ( Specialization Course)
  5. Celebration of Traditional Festival, ceremonies, commemoration, etc in two districts of Tawang & West Kameng Districts.
  6. Performing traditional Arts through theatre.
  7. Medical camp in region to provide treatment through tibeto medicine (Sowa Rigpa).
  8. Plantation in the compound of various cultural centers for preservation of ecology and environment.
  9. Renovation of Culture Centres of Tawang & West Kameng District.
  10. Organizing Seminar & Workshop, Conference, etc at Tawang & West Kemeng Districts.
  11. Printing and Booklet, Pamphlet, Postcard, Calendar etc.