Prominent Hollywood actor and Chairman of the Gere Foundation, Richard Gere who is also the Global Envoy of the IBC expressed his views on the proper development of youths in the modern age.

“As you educate your kids, you give them a sense of pride in their culture, in their religion and who they are as human beings, that’s the future you can develop for the country.” Mentioning his longing to visit Tawang, Gere said, “I had a great fortune to travel across the world. I have seen some amazing things, amazing people and amazing cultures. You can be very proud of what you have here. Tawang is truly a hidden paradise and you live in a very special place”.

He further mentioned that it doesn’t matter whether a country is rich or poor; everyone’s concern is the same -health, education and culture.

Addressing the conference, Minister UD, Tourism, Art & Culture, Pema Khandu, invited global attention to the Himalayan Region saying that it contributes substantially towards global ecological balance.

“Indian Government also needs to be seriously concerned about its Himalayas and Himalayan people as it constitute 16 percent of the country’s geographical area”, said Pema. He appealed all the participants for a proactive introspection into the depleting moral values, loss of culture, traditional art and professions etc to counter the challenges faced by the Himalayan belt in the present day. He further mentioned that Arunachal Pradesh being a young state, development was very late and slow. Hence there are many challenges to overcome and to walk shoulder to shoulder with the developing world.

Chairman DoKA Jambey Wangdi and Secretary General of International Buddhist Confederation Lama Lobsang highlighted the major challenges faced by the people living in the Himalayan region in terms of education and health. They expressed serious concern on the cultural erosion being faced by all the communities in the Himalayan Region.

The conference which was conducted by the International Buddhist Confederation in association with the Department of Karmic & Adhyatmik Affairs (Chos-Rig) was inaugurated by Rijiju and eminent Hollywood actor Richard Gere with lighting of butter lamp amidst chanting of Mangalacharan by monks of Tawang monastery.

International delegates from US, UK and Sri Lanka participated in the Conference.